Thursday, February 18, 2016


My button throbs
My body aches
Igniting with a touch
The warmth of your breath against my skin
My body melting 
My desire growing 
My senses denied
I could not see or speak
Only hear you, smell you, and feel you
The sound of your voice assuring me of what will happen
The sound of your footsteps as you come closer
The smell of your aftershave
My heartbeat quickening with anticipation
And finally a swat
Causing my body to pulse
Waiting for another
The wait isn't long
Wanting another
Receiving another and another
Trembling and wet
Your fingers running along my body
Stopping ever so briefly to excite my desires even more
Losing myself in the pleasure
My mind only able to imagine what is to come
Ready to please you with my obedience


Drinks are flowing
Music is thumping
My body is moving to the beat
But my heart and mind are with you
What are you doing 
Are you alright
Are you thinking about me
I want to hear you
Feel you
I need you
I want you
Wanting to obey
Waiting for instruction 
Making me squirm
The desire to please becoming stronger
Begging for your touch
For the pleasure and the pain
The feelings that make me gasp
Moan with ecstasy
Seeing the pleasure in your eyes as I beg
The pride in knowing only you can make me feel that way
My heart
My soul
My mind
My body 
Belonging to you
And you alone


Blissful ignorance
Not a care in the world
To be free of the stress
Letting go of everything
Letting my mind open up
Taking in the beauty
Listening to the tones and beats
The harmonies
That melodious silence of nothing
The pure ecstasy of absence
The absence of hypocrisy
The absence of judgement
The absence of thought
Just to imagine a new reality
A place just for me
To be who I want 
To be how I want
To be able to be myself
Leaving every false perception behind
A utopia built just for me

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Just nerves, that's all
Shake it off...
But what if......
Oh god, it started
All of the worst case scenarios
My mind is in overdrive
Like a runaway train
I can't stop it
Oh god, I can't breathe
But everything is going to go wrong
I am just useless
Maybe I am a worthless person
I mean no rational person would be like me
Everyone is going to judge me
My stomach is so twisted
I have to wretch
Maybe if I puke it will help
I am just weak
I need to get control of myself
The tears just drip
How sorry is that
Who wants a blubbering idiot
I can barely stand
My legs are so shaky
So unstable
I feel so guilty
I didn't even do anything
And I feel like everyone knows
Oh god, the world is coming to an end
Maybe if I hide
I can't let anyone see me like this
I can't let anyone see how weak and worthless I am 
I just need to be alone
I can't even have a coherent thought
Everything is jumbled 
Out of focus
I will just lay here and die


The sensation was exhilarating
Hot, viscous liquid running down my fingers
Glistening in the light
Oh what delight
The slightly metallic scent
The salty taste
Who knew it would be like this
All of the anxiety and doubt gone with that first lick
The desire for more taking over
No longer satisfied with just a taste
The need to feel it fill my mouth
To indulge in the flavor
The consistency
So tantalizing
I will enjoy this more often 
Now to finish up and do it again

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


He bothers her one last time
He says he isn't
She knows better
He thinks she is doing wrong
His suspicions only fuel her rage
She wasn't going to be miserable
Not for him
Not for anyone
He didn't care before
So she wasn't going to care now
His protests fell on deaf ears
She was done
No more
He had pushed her past her breaking point
Now he would know it
She would unleash the fury inside
Letting him feel every bit of it
A relentless barrage
One after another
The fury enveloping her
Leaving him devastated 
He was dumbfounded
He never thought she would break like that
Annihilating him bit by bit
Tearing him apart in ways he never dreamed of
He had unleashed her inner demons
He had no way to put them back
It was too late
She was wild 
She wouldn't be satisfied until he was gone
He would bother her no more

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Her hands were clenched
She could feel his body against hers
His hands roaming
Sliding up her dress
Not a gentle touch
His sturdy hands now groping
Fondling her
Struggling to push him away
Only aroused him more
Driving him to push his body against her harder
His hand covering her mouth
Silencing her protests
His mouth pressed firmly to her ear
Telling her what he was going to do
Her body stiffened at his words
His free hand now violating her
Even so her body responds
A subconscious yearning from deep within
He could feel her become pliant
He leaned into her
Readying her
A final maneuver and he had her
She no longer fought him
Her body in rhythm with his
Redefining her pleasure
His body taking her to a new place
Transforming her base desire
Bringing her to ecstasy
She reveled in the violation